Friday Photo Fun at I Heart the Beach

Here at I Heart the Beach, we love to take photographs and love to explore and discover new beaches and resorts. We are constantly searching the internet for new resorts and/or locations that we think our readers would love! When we first started I Heart the Beach, we knew we would have followers who loved the beach too, but our followers seem to be just as addicted to the beach as we are! So, we thought it would be fun to share our new theme every Friday called Friday Photo Fun at I Heart the Beach!

How it Works

Each Friday, we will post a photo of a beach and/or resort and have you try to guess the location and/or name of the beach. The photo can be from any beach in any part of the world! The FIRST person to leave the correct answer under the comments will be the winner! Readers will have 24 hours to comment and then we will shut down the comments. We will keep track of all the winners each Friday and when someone wins FIVE times, we will send them a little present just as a little token of our appreciation for playing.

We will also post the winner each Friday on our Facebook page!

So, are you ready? Here is the first photo for Friday Photo Fun at I Heart the Beach! Remember — think global!

I Heart the Beach Friday Photo Fun


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