Fine Beach Art

Yesterday I had the pleasure of discovering a very talented fine beach artist, Joan Carver! When I went to her site and started looking at her paintings, I was immediately drawn to her water paintings, of course. Her water paintings were simply more than amazing! They truly were painted with such perfection that I thought I was peering into the sea. She also paints adorable scenes with children at the beach and PUPPIES & HORSES! Her silk paintings certainly make a fashion statement and include many different designs and colors!

Hydra Zen II by Joan Carver Oil ~ 36" x 48"

Sonny by Joan Carver Oil ~  x
Fine Art
Orange Seahorse w blue, green, lime by Joan Carver Silk ~ 9" x 55"
Hand-painted Silks

Later in the day I also discovered that Joan had an Etsy store, The Wizard of Art {cute title huh?} and created these unique hand-painted canvas clutch bags. Omg! I love discovering unique beach finds and this surely topped it. So fashionable and beachy and practical too!

Hand-Painted, Canvas Clutch Bags - "Starfish" in Ocean Blue (LARGE)

Hand-Painted,  Canvas Clutch Bags - "Tomato Crab" -in Turquoise  (LARGE)

Hand-Painted, Canvas Clutch Bags- "Water in Blues & Greens" - with Starfish (LARGE)

I hope you will visit Joan and let her know how much you appreciate her fine beach art too. She is really an amazing artist with a very kind soul!


Etsy Store



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